June 6, 2015 at 4:18 am

How to create a great WordPress Post

The best approach to create a blog post on WordPress is as follows:Wordpress - Creating a Post

  1. Sign in to the wp-admin panel at yourwebsite.com/wp-admin
  2. Go to the Posts menu and click on Add New
  3. Input your Title and Content on the screen editor
  4. Input your text in the main box:
    • Make sure that the Visual rather than Text tab is selected, (which it should be by default), as this will display the post as it will eventually look, including photos
  5. If you have photos you can include them by:
    • placing your cursor where you want to add the photo in the text,
    • selecting the Add Media button and either selecting an existing photo from the media library of uploaded photos or uploading a new one from your computer’s hard drive or your phone by clicking on the Upload Files tab
    • One good SEO trick is to include your main keyword and the photo subject in the “alt text” field of the photo when selecting it from the media library, e.g. Wordpress Posts Creation
    • Once the photo is displayed in the text you can click on it and select left, centre or right align in the editor. You can also resize it by clicking in the pencil icon on the photo.
  6. If you have a video to add you can do this by following the same process as above but on the Insert Media screen clicking on the “Insert from URL” link and pasting in a YouTube link
  7. There is one other really useful feature called the Featured Image, which is the photo that will be associated with the blog post and displayed on the blog posts page for this particular post. To set the Featured Image:
    • scroll down a bit to find the “Set Featured Image” link on the right hand sidebar and click on it
    • then just select an image as above, (the same SEO tip applies for this one too)
  8. If you have an SEO plugin installed such as “SEO by Yoast” you can if you wish also update the various fields in the “Wordpress SEO by Yoast” section of the page, a bit further down. It is not mandatory but may help with your rankings on the search engines.
    • SEO by Yoast gives you hints and tips on how to fill in the fields – just click on the question mark buttons next to each field
  9. The final thing to do is press the Update button to make the post live:
    • The default is to publish the post immediately but you can past or future date it if you wish by clicking on the edit button next to the “publish immediately” icon in the Publish section
    • You can also save it as a draft to keep for further editing a bit later if you prefer.

I hope this isn’t too mind blowing for you! As with most things, creating a post in wordpress is just getting familiar with how to do it by doing it many times.


Phil Administrator

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