Current State Assessment

If you are unsure where to start in your marketing campaign, a good place is to let us carry out a Current State Assessment, (CSA), of your existing website.

During this process we will first ask you to complete a questionnaire detailing your market, your competition and your goals as well as the details of your website name and what Keywords you are currently trying to rank for, (if any).

Grab More Traffic Current State AssessmentWe will then carry out a detailed analysis of your site and the competition. Form this we will compile a detailed report that will show:

    • An initial impact assessment
    • A content quality review
    • A search engine optimization review
    • Keyword analysis, both existing and recommended alternatives
    • Internet Key Indicators – page ranking, number of pages indexed etc
    • Recommendations on how your website can be improved

A Current State Assessment costs $47 and is usually completed within 3 to 5 working days. The report will be delivered in Adobe Acrobat .pdf electronic format.

If you would like us to carry out a Current State Assessment for your website please click on the button below:

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