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How to get more customers using social media

Why Social Media?

The aim of using social media is to build a relationship with your customer base. If you can build a strong relationship with them, when the time comes when they want to buy your product or service, yours is the first company that will spring to mind. It’s not about making a lot of immediate sales it’s about making a connection.

why social mediaYou probably already recognize that social media is important to a modern business. You’ve seen your competitors with fancy Facebook and Google+ pages and you may have wondered “How on earth do they find the time to do all that?” “Don’t they have a business to run?” “Do they spend all their time posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter?”

All very good questions, but some of the answers might surprise you. A lot of companies these days don’t actually manage their social media activity themselves. They get a team of experts to do it for them. This meets their needs of connecting and developing their relationships with their customers while freeing up their time to get on with the day to day activities of running the business.

How to go about it?

You might say “How can a team of social media experts know enough about my business to be able to engage with my customers?” That’s another good question.  That’s why you need:

  • A team that is 100% dedicated to the task of understanding your business
  • A team that has all the technical and marketing skills to update your various social media channels with interesting and captivating content
  • A team that can deliver your social media presence for a fraction of the price of hiring a full time employee

That’s why you need Grab More Traffic.

That is exactly the service we offer to businesses of all sizes. Our social media team is trained in all the latest social media channels and developments and will ensure that your social media campaign is laser targeted to your requirements.

Our social media packages are based around launching, promoting and developing your brand on the three most popular  social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Here’s why:

  • Currently there are more than 1 Billion active users of Facebook, (and half of them use Facebook on a mobile device). A recent survey showed that 77 percent of B2C companies and 43 percent of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook. (source: Business2Community)
  • Twitter has over 500 million users, and handles over 340 million tweets a day. More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies now have a Twitter account.
  • Google+, (Google Plus), is Google’s social media platform, and their response to the Facebook phenomenon. It was launched in June 2011 and already has over 400 million users and is growing fast. Over 1 million business and brand pages were created in the first 6 months

What do I get for my money?

When you choose one of our packages we will set your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts up for you. We will create the brand image based on your existing website or brand information and ensure that all three platforms are consistent in how your brand is portrayed.

We will also ensure that your social media accounts and pages are set up and optimised so that they are “search engine friendly” meaning that the posts and updates are picked up by the major search engines and help your brand get noticed.

Your existing website has a role to play in your social media marketing as well, and we will supply you with all the badges, icons and links necessary to integrate seamlessly with your social media accounts. You may need to get your website developer to implement these for you.

As well as this we will also manage your social media accounts for you going forwards. The different packages available represent the different number of updates carried out, please see below for more details.

social mediaYou can of course update your accounts any time you like as well, with latest news, updates, or just plain gossip. Having a managed service means that you don’t have to worry about updating frequently because you know it is being done for you.

There are no long term contracts. You pay one fee for the first month which covers the initial setup of your social media accounts. Thereafter it is a smaller fee every month to post your updates, grow your followers, share with others and keep your customer base engaged. You can cancel your service at any time.

Time for Action

Have a look at the packages below and see which one meets your requirements. Then contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. A member of the team will be in touch so that we can get your social media campaign up and running as soon as possible.

grab more traffic social media starter - how to get more customers
grab more traffic social media standard - how to get more customers
grab more traffic social media gold - how to get more customers
grab more traffic social media platinum - how to get more customers


Social Media Terminology Explained

The world of social media is awash with geek speak and technical terms, so here is a brief glossary to help your understanding:

  • Facebook Apps – We will install industry-related applications, which enhance the fan experience as well as further increase interaction in your page. It also adds rich media content on your page (freshness).
  • Cover Photo Design / Profile Picture – We will redesign and upload a cover photo and profile picture, which best represent your brand. There will be uniformity in design with your official website and will show that the fan page is yours.
  • Timeline Management –We will create a description for your profile which highlights your brand’s best services as well as your company history, mission and vision, contact information and other necessary details.  We will ensure the copy is fully optimized.
  • Permission Management – We will implement appropriate security and privacy settings for your accounts. This aims to filter fan posts on your wall and prevent spam, which may take a toll on your brand’s social networking reputation.
  • G+ Authorship Markup – In order to add a social factor to your website in search engine results (and help rankings), we will provide you with a code that links your site to your Google Plus account. Once you implement this code on your site authorship will be attributed to the site’s elements (blog posts, articles, news, etc.) in search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Schema Tags –We will provide you a set of codes from, which you will need to implement in your site. These brand-specialized tags help search engine robots to crawl and retrieve information from your website thus improving overall site traffic.
  • Google+ Brand Creation–If your brand has no presence on Google +, our skilled social media experts will create one for you. We will create a reputable profile highlighting your services, history, mission and vision, contact details and other necessary facts.
  • Google+ Authentication –We will request a code from Google that will be sent via post – this will tie your website in to your local Google+ profile. This means that when users search for your brand, they are more likely to see feeds from your Google+ account in the SERPs.
  • Google+ Direct Connect –This feature allows Internet users to navigate your Google+ brand page through Google search. We will provide you with a set of codes, which you will implement in your site’s coding.
  • Google+ Circles – We will increase your profile’s popularity by adding friends / follow brand pages in Google+. It is similar to adding friends and liking fan pages on Facebook.  The number of circles you have will also be displayed in the SERPs.
  • Rich Snippet Tags –To further help your site get indexed in Google and other search engines, we will provide you with a set of rich snippet codes to be implemented in your site. These help your business stand out from the competition on search engine results pages by including pertinent information about your business.
  • Circles Groups – Google+ Circles allow users to filter / classify their contacts into groups (circles). We will create a number of circles for your profile and group your contacts accordingly.
  • Adwords Integration – This works only when you are running a Google AdWords campaign. It allows people who conduct their search on Google to see which ads their friends +1’d (similar to Facebook’s “like”).
  • Blog Facelift– To further boost your social popularity, you need to implement badges / widgets and social plugins to your blog. We will provide you with a set of codes (to be implemented on your site) as well as recommendations on where they should be placed.
  • Social Share Synchronization –For easier and convenient page administration, we will find and utilize the best social media tools available in the market. This helps maintain freshness in your pages’ content (updates), which is crucial in social media campaign success.
  • Brand badges – To improve your social account’s promotion, brand badges should be implemented in your official website. We will provide you a set of codes for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that must be implemented.
  • Author badges –Author badges authenticate content and give credit to the original writer of the piece.  We will provide you a set of codes that must be implemented in your site’s coding.
  • Brand widgets – Widgets can integrate brands into the core content and activity of a user’s social network. We will provide you a set of codes that must be implemented in your site’s coding.
  • Personal widgets – We will provide you a set of codes that must be implemented in your site’s coding.
  • Social Plugins  –These are widgets that you can add to your website which are linked to Facebook or Twitter. Some of the popular plug-ins are the “like” button, send button, subscribe button and comments plugin (allowing users to comment on any piece of content on your site).
  • Unique Posts (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) –Interaction is key to social media success. We will post updates (status, event, photo, video, other rich media content) on your fan / brand pages that are industry related and relevant for your brand.
  • Relevant Shares  (Facebook, Twitter, Google +)–We will ‘share’ relevant content from related fan pages as well as industry authority blogs / websites.This will further boost interaction and variety in updates.
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