What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the art and science of getting a website to the top of the search engines (like Google).

A good website and SEO go hand in hand. Creating a website and not having SEO is like building a new store, but not letting anyone know where it is located. Or creating a radio advertisement and never broadcasting it, it just doesn’t make any sense. Without implementing SEO on your website, you will never be found.

Creating your SEO optimized website is the first step to online success and SEO optimization for your website is the second step, but unfortunately many times this step gets left behind.

So, why is it important to be at the top position in the search engines?

  • The number one position in Google gets on average 42% of the clicks on that page
  • The second position in Google gets about 22% of the clicks
  • The third position in Google gets about 10% of the clicks
  • As you go further down the page, the percentage continues to drop
  • Only about 20% of the people even go to the second page of Google
  • A very small percentage goes to the third page and other subsequent pages.

When looking at these figures, if a site is in the top position in Google, versus a site that is on the third page of Google, who is going to get the most clicks?

Which site will have more potential profit? Of course, the site closer to the top of the results.

So, how can SEO help your business?
Phil is a painter in Sydney Australia. He has implemented SEO strategies and is currently in the number two position in Google for the search term ”Painter Sydney Australia”.

Let’s say that the term is searched 800 times per month, and since he is in the second position, he should get about 22% of the clicks, so that is about 160 visitors each month. If one out of 10 visitors use his service, he will get 16 new jobs per month. On average his jobs are about $200.

Therefore, Phil will make about $3,200 per month just from this one keyword phrase -”Painter Sydney Australia”. Imagine if Phil was in the number one position, he would make twice as much!

Now, on the other hand, if he was on the bottom of the Google results, he may only get 1 visitor and maybe $200 in business, if he was on page 3, he may get no visitors at all.

Now, imagine if Phil could get his site into Google with more than just that one keyword phrase, but maybe 5 different keyword phrases! Imagine how his profits will grow!

Imagine, 5 keyword phrases, all at position number 2 with a combined search volume of 1500, with 22% of visitors clicking on his link that would be 330 visitors. If he has 1 in 10 visitors book his services that would be 33 jobs at an average of $200 a job that would be about $6,600 for the month!

Now, you make the choice…is SEO worth the time and money?

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